Ignite Curiosity in Others

Prior to transitioning into the corporate world, I had the privilege of inspiring others through my passion for digital design and fine arts. It was an incredible opportunity to educate individuals on the intricacies of these creative fields and how they can be applied in practical, real-world settings. Through my teachings, I aimed to ignite a sense of curiosity and exploration, encouraging others to think outside the box and push the boundaries of their own creativity. Witnessing the growth and transformation of those I had the pleasure of working with was truly rewarding, and it further solidified my belief in the power of education and its ability to empower individuals.

Digital and Fine Art Professor

Del Mar Collage

Taught art appreciation, drawing, and graphic design with a focus on the theory and practice of advertising commercial art. My instruction included a combination of lectures, demonstrations, field trips, and guest speakers, all aimed at enhancing students' intellectual capacities and developing their aesthetic awareness. By incorporating various teaching methods and exposing students to real-world examples and industry professionals, I aimed to provide a well-rounded education in the field of art and design. My goal was to instill a deep understanding and passion for the subject matter, while also equipping students with the practical skills necessary to succeed in the commercial art industry.

Creative Advertisement Developer

Corpus Christi Caller Times

Developed ads and trained the graphic design team on production, new techniques, and application programs, with the aim of equipping them with the necessary skills to achieve their monthly goals. Through this training, the teams were able to consistently surpass expectations, with an average revenue growth of over 103%. The emphasis on staying updated with the latest practices and technologies allowed the teams to adapt and excel in their roles, contributing to the overall success of the business.

Pre Press Technician

Printers Unlimited Printing Company

Created marketing materials for high-profile clients such as George Strait, and Selena. These materials were designed in both print and digital formats, ensuring a wide reach for our clients' campaigns. Additionally, I played a significant role in enhancing the company's revenue potential by integrating online communication and file transfers. This allowed for seamless networking between operating systems ensuring efficient collaboration across different platforms. Through these initiatives, we were able to streamline processes, increase productivity, and deliver exceptional results to our clients and partners.

Electronic Publications Specialist

Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi & STYX

Created the first website for Texas A&M University Corpus Christi using HTML and simple text. This website included the entire degree catalog, making it easily accessible online for students. Additionally, I had the opportunity to develop and maintain the first individual band websites for the renowned band Styx, specifically for their solo albums. I ensured that these websites were user-friendly, visually appealing, and provided relevant information to the fans. Through these projects, I honed my skills in web development and design, gaining valuable experience in creating effective online platforms.

My Gallery of Creativity

Creativity is a wonderful trait that can be found in every aspect of life, and I take great pleasure in infusing my own creative touch into everything I undertake. Whether it's a simple task or a complex project, I always strive to think outside the box and approach it with a fresh perspective. By incorporating my own unique ideas and innovative thinking, I am able to add a personal touch to my work, making it more exciting and captivating. From painting to writing, from project management to problem-solving, I find joy in exploring different avenues of self-expression and allowing my creativity to flourish. It is through this creative lens that I am able to truly immerse myself in the world around me, finding inspiration in even the simplest of things.

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