My AT&T Career

Current Role: Lead Product Technology
In my current role at AT&T, I am responsible for developing and implementing innovative strategies aimed at transforming the digital chat customer experience. By constantly analyzing customer feedback and market trends, I identify areas for improvement and create solutions that enhance the overall satisfaction of our customers. Through collaboration with cross-functional teams, I ensure that these strategies are effectively implemented, ensuring seamless and personalized interactions for our customers. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and utilizing data-driven insights, I continuously strive to deliver a customer-centric approach that exceeds expectations. With a strong focus on efficiency and effectiveness, I aim to revolutionize the way customers engage with AT&T through our digital chat platform.

2022 - 2024 - Client Engagement Specialist & Labs Strategy Coordinator - CX Labs Office of the President
As a client engagement specialist and labs strategy coordinator, I took the initiative to start the customer experience (CX) labs Office of the President (OOP) trial process. Throughout 2022, I successfully managed 68 requests and conducted 39 trials. These efforts resulted in a significant improvement in our resolve rate, increasing it by approximately 300 basis points. As a result, we achieved an impressive 95% client satisfaction rate. Additionally, I focused on streamlining the process, successfully implementing 64% of the 49 trials conducted in 2023. These accomplishments demonstrate my dedication to enhancing customer engagement and delivering exceptional results.

2020 - 2022 - IPBB Customer Experience Insights & Analysis
I strategized and developed the groundbreaking Speed Education (WISE) campaign and training program, aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of individuals involved in selling or supporting IPBB. This innovative initiative has yielded exceptional results, contributing to an impressive 16.1% year-on-year improvement in NPS (Net Promoter Score) for AT&T Fiber. By focusing on speed education, we have empowered the sales and support teams with comprehensive training, enabling them to effectively communicate the benefits of IPBB to customers. This has not only boosted customer satisfaction but also enhanced AT&T Fiber's reputation as a reliable and efficient service provider. Our commitment to continuous improvement and cutting-edge strategies has set a new standard in the industry, revolutionizing the way education and training are conducted in the speed technology sector.

2018 -DirecTV Cancel Reduction Project Lead
By spearheading various operational enhancements across multiple channels, I successfully achieved a significant 11.7% reduction in our cancel rate. This was made possible through the strategic implementation of trials, employing effective improvement tactics, and diligently identifying and resolving any system and process defects. The implementation of these cross-channel improvements not only contributed to a notable decrease in cancellations but also enhanced overall efficiency and customer satisfaction. The success of these initiatives highlights the value of proactive problem-solving and continuous improvement in optimizing our operations.

2018 - 2020 - Customer Experience Transformation Specialist
I successfully managed and coordinated five billing projects, which resulted in a significant reduction of 184,000 contacts. Additionally, I implemented a streamlined auto bill pay system, leading to an annual cost-saving of $1.4 million. Furthermore, I took the initiative to introduce a trial program called "Where's My Tech," resulting in an impressive yearly savings of $592,000. Furthermore, I restructured the repair audit process, which yielded substantial savings of $999,000. These accomplishments demonstrate my ability to effectively optimize processes, reduce costs, and drive significant financial benefits for the organization.

2015- 2017 - CX Marketing & Offers Director
In the past quarter, we successfully resolved the top 30% of 109 promotional opportunities, resulting in substantial cost savings of approximately $5.5 million. Additionally, our efforts to enhance promotional efficiency have yielded impressive results, with a remarkable 32% improvement. This improvement is further highlighted by a 5% reduction in customer calls and a significant 40% decrease in escalations. These achievements reflect our commitment to providing exceptional service and ensuring a seamless promotional experience for our clients. Moreover, we are proud to announce that our newly launched program has received an outstanding employee net promoter score of 95%. This score serves as a testament to the high level of satisfaction and loyalty among our team members. We remain dedicated to driving further success and delivering unparalleled results in our promotional endeavors.

2015 - General Manager - Big Data Analytics
Directed a big data analytics team of project managers, focusing on generating actionable insights for various business units. Through our efforts, we were able to achieve substantial savings for the company. In 2015, we delivered $2.1 million in annual benefits savings, and we projected an even higher savings of $4.2 million for 2016. Additionally, we successfully executed a $1.2 million data lake hydration project, which involved integrating 22 new data sources. This project greatly enhanced our ability to analyze and utilize data effectively. Furthermore, I devised targeted marketing use cases that exceeded our business objectives, resulting in $3.3 million in benefits. Our team's dedication and strategic approach played a crucial role in driving these impressive results.

2014 - 2015 - Director - Home Solutions eCommerce
Spearheaded the wow digital think tank at home solution innovation, with a focus on creating customer-centric digital solutions. Engaged a total of 518 employees in this innovative process, encouraging them to contribute their ideas and insights. This collaborative effort resulted in the generation of 242 ideas, out of which the top three were carefully chosen. These selected ideas were then integrated into the current digital transformation roadmap, ensuring that they would be implemented and bring value to the company. The leadership and dedication to fostering innovation have not only encouraged active participation from the team but also paved the way for exciting advancements in the company's digital solutions.

2003 - 2014 - Area Manager - Quality M&P & Process
As an associate director and manager in various roles at AT&T, I played a crucial role in improving customer experience and operational efficiency. One of my notable achievements was successfully coordinating the launch of AT&T U-verse entertainment service, which led to a significant expansion of the customer base from 2,000 to over 5 million in the San Antonio and 22-state market. Additionally, in my role as a senior quality/m&p/process manager, I implemented effective processes and procedures that not only boosted revenue and cut costs but also enhanced the overall customer experience. Moreover, as an area manager, I led a unique team in developing and executing strategies to reduce costs and improve call resolution focusing on billing, repeats, and first contact resolution. These efforts resulted in a transformation of communication best practices across AT&T.

2000 - 2003 - Graphics New Media Manager
Skillfully managed and coordinated the creation of various communication elements for both print and electronic platforms. This involved carefully planning and executing the production process in a manner that ensured a smooth and efficient workflow. Additionally, I effectively collaborated with external contractors and vendors to ensure that all aspects of production were carried out within budgetary constraints. By strategically overseeing the development of these communication components, I was able to maintain a high level of quality while also achieving cost-effectiveness. This required a keen attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of the production area. Overall, my expertise and proficiency in managing all aspects of communication production contributed to the successful implementation of various projects.