Welcome to my world Every person embarks on a journey of self-discovery at some point. Knowing oneself is the foundation to success. You can not know what “your” success is, until you understand who you are. Part of knowing who you are is accepting who you are. Your flaws, your special qualities, tendencies and your passions.  All with humility and honesty. I may not know exactly who I am yet, but I do know what I like. Come into my site and mind… but please take your shoes off first.
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Our World is Amazing! I love sites that blow your mind?!  Check out these Youtube Channels. Fun and educational. Watch out, you just might learn something.
The Smartest Show in Gaming
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Words that discribe what I like… Deals… Unique… State of the Art…. Shinny….  May I recommend the following sites that provide great deals on unique, state of the Art, shinny stuff.
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Here are some top sites as derived from eBizMBA Rank. For other top site lists, on everything check out...
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