Butterfly in my garden. Photography

“Don’t be afraid.

Change is such a beautiful thing”, said the Butterfly.  

 - Sabrina Newby (quote) | Analisa Bishop (image)

I am a change agent. I am a customer advocate.

Optimists, dreamer, over achiever. 

Howdy!  I’m Analisa. 

My passion? That’s easy… it’s to inspire people to think creatively and deliver best in class solutions that will WOW our customers and surpass their expectations.

I believe that perception is reality, with me, what you see, is what you get. I am passionate about change and I am not afraid to fail.  (However, I am afraid of spiders, snakes and scorpions)

Change requires vision.

  • A vision to identify change
  • To get others excited about the change 
  • To research and understand the risks
  • To build an educated plan  launched with confidence
  • To be able to measure the success

And finally, know this… failure is learning.  

Tell me what I can’t do and I will make sure it get’s done.

Dream big, fail fast and keep moving forward.    

Just me. - photography
Javelina macot on metal gates. - Texas A&M Kingsville - Metal

Designed the Texas A&M-Kingsville Javelina mascot which can be seen on the campus stadium gates 

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