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Various positions,  AT&T San Antonio, TX

The wonderful and amazing  thing about AT&T is that you can pivot roles, learn new skills and continue to drive improvements within the business.

Throughout my many years of service, I have enjoyed developing videos to meet  a variety of needs including training, promotional, process improvements and teasers. 

Creativity has always been a vital part of my career and I use it in every position I have held inside our outside of AT&T.

As an individual or part of a larger team, I am responsible for project /program  management from ideation through completion.  In these positions, I have always used creative methods to get my point across and gain buy-in.

I have led cross-functional teams with varying points of views and priorities to develop and achieve AT&T revenue growth,  cost reduction goals and customer improvement strategies.

I am focused on creating new approaches to process improvements, which some are now considered a"best practices” and is leveraged across the entire AT&T organization.  

I also use my creativity to  translate the company’s key messages (presentations, videos, methods and procedures, training etc…)  into professional and compelling stories in a seamless, cost-effective manner. 

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