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Read what other’s are saying about Analisa (Actual Letters of Recommendation quotes) 

“Analisa has made a significant contribution to the organization's overall effectiveness. In particular, she has used her many and varied graphics skills to produce materials that show a high degree of creativity and innovation. She routinely surpasses the expectations of our clients, and often provided "value added" materials, i.e., going beyond what is expected or requested to achieve a more satisfying result.” - James Pottorf - San Antonio SBC Proposal Center

“Analisa is dependable and easy to work with. She is always popular with students and has received high student evaluations.If you are looking for an enthusiastic, student-centered employee, Analisa  is the person you are looking for.” - Ed Lambert - Art Chairman, Del Mar College

“Analisa's talent lies in her capabilities of being an excellent graphic designer, but also looking beyond the picture, understanding the client's needs. She has proven marketing skills, not always found with local artists.” - Debbie Denny, Business Development Marketing

“Analisa is exceptionally dedicated, follows through, and has a good grasp of the big picture even if the work is very tactical in nature. She is a great asset to any team!”-  Mimi Gourley, AVP, Care, AT&T

“Analisa is conscientious, detail oriented yet able to grasp the "big picture" of any group she is working with. Her positive enthusiasm and upbeat personality always lifted the spirits of all those she worked with and made everyone want to stay on task.
Analisa is someone that can be counted on to get the job done no matter what obstacles she encounters. Analisa thrives when given complex problems to solve and is able to motivate others to work together and stay on task. Analisa's creativity allows her to see possibilities for solutions that may have not been apparent to others. - Daniel Barrera, Graphic Artist, Corpus Christi Caller-Times 

“Analisa's attention to detail was second to none in my first year with the AT&T U-verse group. She was a great teammate and would never hesitate to pitch in and coach with the learning curve I was up against. Analisa is a true team player.”  - Stephen Pundt, Area Manager Local Market Execution Team, AT&T 

“Analisa asks the questions to discover the details in order to mitigate risks and make a good decision on the correct resolution. She is very diligent, takes the initiative and follows through. She is very approachable and listens intently to gather all the facts. I enjoyed working with her on passed projects and look forward to working with her again in the future.”  - Mike Churchman, Technical Director-Broadband Provisioning Systems, AT&T

“Analisa was always willing to take on any job and executed each with diligence and skill. She was punctual about her work hours and her deadlines. She was a tremendous help to us and we were glad to have her as a member of our team. I believe she will make an excellent addition to anyone's staff if they will give her a chance. “- Jerry LaPort, Moreheads, Dotts, & LePorte, Inc, Corpus Christi, TX

“Analisa possesses a world of knowledge in the advertising field. What is outstanding about her is that she is a facilitator, teaching others program techniques that will help them to improve their own capabilities. She utilizes her experience in various computer programs not only for her own benefit for also for the benefit of others, too. “- Dolores Rosas, Creative Designer, Corpus Christi Caller Times

“Analisa  provided outstanding service in designing and executing finished art work for a series of recruitment publications commissioned by the university's Office of School Relations.

Through this and in face of several pressing deadlines, she was unfailingly courteous and pleasant and anxious to please. Analisa is an intelligent, personable, and talented young woman who has much to offer in the area of graphics design and production.” - Ron Hamm, Office of Public Affairs, Texas A&M University, Kingsville

“Analisa has a wonderful can do attitude and strives for excellence in whatever task or opportunity she is engaged in. Analisa's drive, desire to continue learning and ability to grasp and apply new concepts and knowledge are just a few reasons she is such a strong contributor to anyone's team. Additionally, Analisa's positive personality and ability to lead, guide, and work with others to achieve a common goal are just a few reasons I enjoyed having her on my team.”   - Barbara (Barb) Fox, Director - Data Service Operations System Support, AT&T/SBC Communications, Inc.

“Analisa has had a tremendous influence on the overall success of our team. Her mastery of various media production software applications and capacity to deal with deadlines and ambiguity have demonstrated her willingness and ability to get the job done in the most cost-effective and efficient manner- James C. Micalec- San Antonio SBC Proposal Center

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