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This page provides random art work  that I have created throughout the years using different applications and a mix of traditional art and digital multimedia.  I am always learning new things and enjoy sharing my progress.

Excitement Building Teasers

It is important to get people excited about something new.  

This helps build buy-in and support from cross channel organizations.  Here are some teasers I used to promote different programs I led within AT&T and build curiosity and excitement

Dennis from Styx thank you letter for working on his website

Dream Come True

In 1996 I had the rare opportunity to build not one, not two but three websites before websites were even a thing! 

And even better, for my favorite band! I offered to build the site for the solo albums of the band members from Styx! (James Young, Tommy Shaw and Dennis DeYoung) Eventually, I created and managed their first Styx site too. 

This is the thank you letter I got from Dennis and Suzanne DeYoung. It was a real honor working with them. The biggest thing I learned (other than building websites) was sometimes, you just have to pick up the phone and call.  Ask me sometime, what that means. I will be happy to share my story.

Just Having Fun

Have you ever saw something so cool you had to take a picture of it?  And then you are like, “how can I make that even cooler?” Yeah… that is what this is.

I look  at life as a big canvas. Ready to be filled with emotions.  Because Art is a way to create emotions… good, bad, confused, if it invokes an emotion, it has done its job. 

This is less of the graphic designer and more of the free spirt in me.  Welcome to my world. 

(Just please take your shoes off before entering)

Client Cover Letter Promotional Video

Sometimes, there is a great guy who is very talented.  This is that guy.  Makes you smile, educates you and is one of the best problem solvers I know. I developed his cover letter video highlighting his talents and experience at HP to be shared via Youtube and e-mail platforms.

Music Videos

I wrote the song, played all the instruments (minus the drums) and I created the music video, including all the animation.  All in one weekend.  Enjoy!  This is the world premiere video of Funky Flyz. Enjoy! 

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