Graphics New Media Manager, SBC Proposal Center, San Antonio, TX

I developed strategic  communication components for print and electronic media and translated the company’s key sales messages into visual forms while partnering closely with the proposal developer and account team. 

My role also included supervising and maintaining the  production area and working with outside contractors and vendors as well as  budget management tracking and reporting for the San Antonio Proposal Center.

Creative Service Designer, Corpus Christi Caller Times Newspaper, Corpus Christi, TX

I used QuarkExpress  and Adobe Photoshop to design print ads and direct mail pieces for the local news paper.

Due to my unique design style, my role expanded to increasing revenue growth by developing print ready material for clients to use in different media such as billboards and marketing art.

Since I was also a professor at Del Mar Collage, I was able to use my teaching skills to develop and provide training on production, new techniques and application programs.

Please note, quality in images may be  due to age of print media. (circa: 1998)

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